Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sudanese & Gay!

Well, this post is for Sudanese bloggers and those who check my blog.
First, thank you for checking my blog.

I got a sense that my blog is a problem for some of my native bloggers .
I really don't know what's the problem. Is it because I'm Sudanese or
gay or posting as Sudanese gay?

Actually, I don't like to give multiple reosons because eventually your
mind will think about the choices in front of you only. Anyway, the
above choices are what my stupid mind came up with.

Okay then, if the reason is because I'm Sudanese, I guess you are
questioning my sudanese nationality. If that the case, last time I
checked my passport was sudanese; which was 2 days ago.

Then, if it's matter of my sexual orientation, forgive me for saying this,
it's non of anyone damn business. If you haven't heard or seen of any
gays in Sudan then allow me to tell you "You Don't live In The Real
World then".

What's left then, oh yeah posting as Sudanese Gay. Well, I'm Sudanese
and Proud Gay Also. As far as I know I have all the rights to post and
post whatever I want to as long as I'm not hurting anyone.

If you have any logical reasons I shouldn't post as Sudanese Gay,
please do share them with US.


FLexY said...

Yo Ali,

Just remember that this life do not last for long.

If you are a believer of the after-life, I'm very sure that you won't let a One exit ticket become a TWO way ticket.

I do know some gay friends and I found out from them that they are tooooo attached to this world which makes it difficult for them to work on figuring out the way to get to the after-life.

Take it from me personally, I don't want to say that it is going to be easy, but if you already believe that there is a creator to this world then, seek the creators help even if that would involve talking directly WITH YOUR HEART. Meaning, you really want the answer and the guidance truly so you can change into the person that will have a better life here and the after life.

That was just an comment, opinion and advice from me.



Suzanne said...

Why did God create homosexuals, flexy?

Ali said...

Thanks Flexy for your opinion and advice.

Samia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samia said...

Sorry about the earlier deletion...I meant to just edit it. Anyways....

Sudanese female here. Just wanted to tell you that I like your blog and I'll be checking it often.

sudani said...

Very interesting!

The fact that you are a gay Sudanese and proudly posting about it in itself is just not natural.
Whatever your sexual orientation is, it's purely your business but as a society we do not find this natural. This is how the majority of Sudanese think, be it from the south, north, east or west and you know this for a fact.
Take my advice and seek citizenship where this is more acceptable and where your rights will be respected.

I find it very disturbing that some people allow their sexual life to consume their identity and become who they are. In my opinion since your sexual orientation is something private then maybe you should keep it that way! :)

May Allah help lead you to the right path.

Be well.

Ali said...

hello samia,

no problem and thanks for reading my posts.

Ali said...

hello sudani,

well, I quiet agree with you about some people sexual life consume their lives.
You know what, posts are just a way to let out.

thanks anyway

"Gay Boy" Weekly said...

There is no single reason not to blog. Be proud and blog the way you like. As you said, we can do whatever we want unless we're not hurting anyone.

arabicmask said...

صديقي علي
اشكرك على رسالتك ولا داعي للاسف بل اقدر هذا الامر منك ..اعتقد ان السؤالين يحتاجان لتفكير عميق ولكن من المؤكد ان ساجيب عليهما قريبا ..ريثما يصلح الانترنت في البيت ..اعذرني ان تاخرت قليلا ..اشكرك مرة اخر

Ali said...

Thanks gay boy weekly,

I have no intention to stop blogging for the time being...

thanks again man..

Ali said...

شكرا سامر
لا داعي للاسف يامان وفي انتظار ردك


arabicmask said...

من المؤكد انك تتمتع بذكاء نادر ..هي علاقة بدات عالنت ..واتمنى ان تثمر ..تحياتي لك

mthlykaweyy said...

هاى بلاك جاى
ازيك انا مثلى قوى
انت فين انا دورت على مدونتك كتير بس مكنتش بلاقيها بس كويس انى لاقيتها انا هعلق عليها على طول
انا قرات مقالك الجميل وبطلب منك انك تكتب كمان وتستمر فى البلوج بتاعك وميهمكش من راى حد فينا وعلى فكره انا عاوز اقولك حجه بالمناسبه انا عشت اجمل قصه حب كانت بينى وبين شخص بلاك وكان بيجى مصر وكان بيحبنى جدا وانا كنت بحبه اوى وكان بيتصل بيا دايما من بلده دوليا هو كان من السودان وانا بحس ان البلاك عامه بيكون عندهم طيبه وانا ميولى للبلاك جدا المهم انا عاوزك تكتب وانا معاك صديقك
مثلى قوى

KA said...

Hey man,

Welcome to the blogosphere. Theres no 'logical' reason you shouldn't blog, and if for some reason one should arise, people will probably just stop reading. Being gay, Sudanese, or both diminish your opinions, they serve to add new perspective to them.


KA said...

In my last comment I meant to write that those factors DON'T diminish your opinions, they only add perspective to them.

Sorry for the typo.

Ali said...

سلام مثلي قوي

انا تمام والحمدلله وشكرا على تشجيعك
وانشاء الله تعيش قصة حب جديدة و تستمر معاك الى الابد

Ali said...

Hey Ka
Thanks Ka and dont worry bout it. I guess both my nationality and gayness are part of who I am. So far didn't get any logical reason to stop blogging so I won't.

znses said...

hey ali am znses it's really a great pleasure 2 meet U , am 16 years old , could i add U in my msn messenger if U don't mind

znses said...

am waiting U 2 add me or could U attach ur e-mail


Ali said...

hello znses...sure I will add u to msn...


Ali said...

شكرا سامر على اطرائك لي


Lost Love said...

first of all thanks for passing by my blog it is an honor to me really.

and for ur post here let me just urself and all will respect u and if they didnt so dont listen to them and dnt give up.

want ment for u to live for u will have it all no matter wat so why to bother.

Ali said...

Hello Lost Love

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I keep doing so.

well, I don't think I can be anyonoe but myself and totally believe what's meant for me will be mine no matter what they say or do. Thanks

Gay by Nature said...

Hey Black Gay Arab

I couldnt find your blog, it seems that you deleted it, anyway its good to see you back..I dont really see any contradictions with being sudanese n gay, I heard that alot from many ppl when they ask me ? how can you be yemeni or somalin n gay ( I'm father is yemeni while mother is somalian) ..I think people in the middle east havnt heard about gays in sudan. but that doesnt mean they dont exist.. keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

dear ali
i totally support u in what u r doin
being yourself is something very important
we r living in a society which is trying to impose on us things that maybe doesnt suit our nature so it will be insane to just live the life they want us to live
people will always talk whether we r doin something wrong or right so better we do the things that r close to our hearts
im proud of u being proud of whom u r ,u should my dear and im glad u started this post
u have the freedom to write whatever comes into your mind
nobody should judge or say whether or not u should or shouldnt write anything
they r not living your life and u r not living theirs so they have to respect your choice as long as u r respecting theirs
good luck dear

Ali said...

hello gay by nature

I'm really glad that you finally found my blog. Thanks for the support man.

Ali said...

hello اجندا حمرا

Thanks a zillion for your support.

Rara Avis said...

Not to criticize, judge, or anything. Just asking a question I bombard my dearest gay friend with, who is not Sudanese. Why is it that gays or lesbians think it is their prerogative to yell out their sexual orientation or preference?
I don't see straight, for the lack of a better word, people having a fit to prove their sexual inclination.

Good luck

Ali said...

hello rara avis

I do apologize for the delay to respond.

well, I guess gays n lesbians feel it's their prerogative to yell their sexual prefrences cuz they want to feel accepted.

Kizzie said...

I will be visiting this blog again.

Flexy said...


Before I start answering your question, I'd like to get your attention towards something... By mentioning God as he is the one created homosexuality means that, you do believe that he is the creator and somehow you are angry or disturbed by the fact that God is good so, he shouldn't have created something bad and makes things difficult to human beings.

He created it,yes,but he doesn't promoted.. The devil does the promotional part to attract people like Ali and his fellow gays towards the product (homosexuality) without studying the after effects.
I don't know about you Suzanne...!!

Think about it Suzanne, why do you accepted it calmly when people tell you "NO PAIN, NO GAIN", but when God does it, you do NOT seem to accepted peacefully.. I can say, it's not you not accepting it, but the devil within you is the one who is letting you have pride on yourself and keep on arguing with the one who created you and everything surrounding all of us.

I hope by this point, I have answered your question, Suzanne..!!


A successful man is a normal man,but with focus.

I do NOT mean this as an insult, but read the Holy book with focus and you will find some hints, signs or maybe answers to somethings flows in your mind. But if you truly did that and still do want to continue this style of living, then, the change won't occur if you are not looking for it.

For me personally,I think sudanese culture sucks big time..!! One good example? Shaving your mustache in Sudan, means you are Not a man. What about the people who naturally don't have it? .... But over here, I'm just focusing on religion and the after-life..

PAIN:fighting temptations.. GAIN:heaven in the after life and some rewards in this life too.

Cheers, my fellow human beings.


Ali said...

Hello Kizzie

Sorry for the delay to respond.

Thanks for your trust and I hope you like the coming posts.


Ali said...

Hello Flexy,

Forgive me for the delay to respond.

Thanks man for the advice. I can't claim I know much about the Quran.

Thanks again for the advice.

d said...

I say live your life in a way that makes you most happy.

I think if there is a God, that is what he would want. For you to be happy.

There are contradictions in everything of what is good and what is bad and what you should do and what you shouldn't do, and knowing any of this isn't going to make you straight. So why be repressed?

You should express yourself. Be proud of who you are. I can't think of a single culture where being gay isn't seen at least by some people as something negative, it just depends how much from culture to culture. There are plenty of Sudanese gays, unfortunately they are repressed. And you live one life, enjoy the most of it. If there is a god, he will take care of you later.

Ali said...

Hello d,

Thank you very much of your support. As you said it's only one life we live and we have to live as happy as we can.


Oma said...

Hello Dear Ali,
I just passed by to say Hi..
Stay well and let every one be happy..

Greetings to your friends.


Ali said...

Hello Oma,

Sorry for the delay to respond to your comment.

thank you very much for passing by and your wishes,
I wish you the same....

thanks a zillion...


Magnito said...

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I wear looking for sudanese gay for so long and am thankthfull to find you>>
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Metastasizer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Metastasizer said...

I think that a lot of people had (or, maybe 'have') been questioning your Sudanese nationality partly because your English is nearly native-level. Well, there's that and the fact that you have "arab" in your name.

So I just saw that you're from Khartoum, so I suppose being (somewhat) out and proud is a little impressive.

If I may ask, how old are you, by the way?

Proud said...

Hi Ali,

Great to know that all people from Sudan are not in the closet... Your Anglican Archbishop seems to think that there are no Gays in your Country.

Gay and proud

cantwait said...

هلا بالجميع انا كنت حابس نفسي من زمن ومحرج بس انا بحب الجوارب موت ,اتمسح فيها لدرجة القذف لكن ماقادر اجد حد زييلوممكن حد اتقابل معهز

Anonymous said...

ali, I am consistently impressed by your calm and appreciative demeanor throughout your comment posts - others would have become provoked. in Sudan, I've read that homosexuality is punishable by death - in light of such harsh disapproval, readers, it is unsurprising that many sudanese descended queers remain closeted. I'm really glad that you're not, ali.

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Nimo said...

hi Ali,
why did your blogs stop ?
i think there's no problem in expressing what someone feels, thinks, believes, etc everyone has the right to say whatever he wants as long as he's not harming other people.
I would really like to know you more, reply to this comment if you're ok with that!

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