Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sometimes relationships could be more of a One Night Stand!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gay barebacking

"I have a question, after all the gay community has been through
why are we putting people
at risk?!"

I guess we all know the risk of unprotected sex !

I guess lots of us think oral sex is safe !

I guess what we all care about is the fun of finding
someone to take to bed !

I guess we find our sexual partners so desirable and
forget to ask if they have any STDs !

I guess in the heat of the moment all we we want to do
is just to feel the real thing !

I guess in the heat of the moment all we want is a taste
of the real thing!

I guess we don't care about them and most importantly
we don't care about ourselves!

Do you think it is right to ask your sexual partners about
their sexual medical history?

STDs=Sexual Transmitted Diseases

The following is heart-felt comment from Allan on this issue

Please, everyone, it is not a matter of honesty or trust. It is a matter of life and death. Your own life, your own death.

Yes, it is very awkward to ask about HIV status or STDs. Yes, in "the heat of the moment" it is not a subject many will bring up. Yes, people do not always tell the truth. You will never know until it is too late, if they lie to you.

This is exactly why there is only one way to have sex if we value our lives. We must always carry condoms, and we must always use a condom.

Although it is not exactly 100% safe even with condoms, it is very close. Although condoms do not protect against most STDs, most STDs can be treated easily, even if it is embarassing to talk to your doctor about it.

There is no need to explain to your doctor where or how you might have picked up an STD. Even heterosexuals try some sexual games and catch STDs. As a result, there are always doctors who will maintain your confidentiality if they treat you for an STD.

HIV and AIDS are blamed mostly on gay sexual activities, although in most parts of the world it is mostly heterosexuals who are HIV+.

Please, please, please use a condom every time. Do not trust anyone's word when it comes to putting your life in their hands. Do not let low self esteem allow you to throw away the rest of your life. It is absolutely not worth it to have unprotected sex. A very slight increase in sensation, if that is one of your excuses, is absolutely not worth becoming infected for the rest of your life with HIV.

Barebacking is selfish and stupid. There is no excuse for putting yourself and your friends and family through such a deadly trauma as HIV progressing to AIDS.

We humans are imperfect, and people do lie. Even the best of wives, husbands, lovers and friends sometimes cheat sexually. Please love yourself and take care of yourself.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is homosexuality a choice?