Thursday, May 31, 2007

Transexuals / Tarph

Please do forgive me transexuals or Tarph as they are called here in the persian gulf. My question is to those who like to sleep with transexuals, if you partner is acting and dressing like the opposite sex then why would you go for the act a like instead of going to the real thing?

Here in the gulf there are a lot of tarph and married men here love them. Actually in the arab world tarph are gays; a man who act like a woman is gay and the top is a macho man.

Transexual means a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance. I got a friend of mine here who is a tarpha; tarpha is singular of tarph, he deosn't accept his partner to touch his penis cuz that makes his partner less of man. I told myself that's only him then one day he told me about other tarph he knows and they feel the same way. Then, is it high percentage of tarph feel their macho men partners less of men if they touch their penises and what if their macho men partners ask them to stimulate their anus would that make them tarph as my friend Ash put it?.


"Gay Boy" Weekly said...

In Gulf, most of them consider Top guy as a "Man" and Bottom "gay". I can't accept this stupidity. Only open minded guys can know the right meaning of the word "gay". Here you can hear many words like "tarf", "top", "bottom", "both", "shemale".
I always keep asking the same question you asked: why do they like to sleep with transexual? why don't they sleep with a girls "which is natural not a fake girl"?
Everytime i know a new guy, i be sure that he is real gay and know the right meaning of that word. cuz i despise those who think that the Top is not gay but the Bottom is!!!!!!

Ali said...

Hey gay boy weekly,

you know what sometimes I think the problem mainly is from gay (bottoms) side cuz they accept to be addressed as women.

And a lot of ppl including myself generalize things. If a type of ppl like certain things then the rest of those type definitely like it 2.

Thanks for ur input man.

Anonymous said...

dear ali
another strong post of yours

u again striked nerve with this post
when u mentioned those who like sleeping with people of a specific gender who likes to dress as the other one and u were asking why would u go for the act rather than goin for the real thing
that reminded me of dildos (sorry for using this word)u know why it reminded me of this ?cause i have always said im not into using dildos cause if i want one i would have gone with the real one having it
it is my personal taste actually but we cant ignore people and their tastes
people differ ali everyone wants something that might be different from another someone and we cant condemn them because they r different from us or else we will be like those saying we r so and so
lots of people have ideas inside of their head when it comes to what they like doing in the bed room i always say the two partners should discuss everything they want to do inside the bedroom without any limits or shyness
if i hate her doin me something i should say it because if i kept it within me she wouldnt know i dont like it and she will feel as if she is giving me pleasure when she is not
i think your friend should have a serious talk with her partner saying what she has in mind to be clear about things
thankx for the wonderful post
keep the good work dear

Ali said...

hello اجندا حمرا

You are completely right ppl have different taste

I just want to know what's going on through their minds

d said...

I am with a transgendered person because I love them as a person.

Ali said...

hey d,

I'm sorry for the delay to respond.

Good for you, d, and good luck for both of you.


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