Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I should point out this post I copied from my other blog Findingmyself which I can't post on for the time being for reasons I don't know why.

I guess I should introduce myself. I can start by my name is Ali, of Sudanese origin. I live in the gulf, work as electronic engineer.

Whenever I check a blog I start by reading the blogger's profile. I seriously have no idea why I do it, that's a big fat lie, hahahahah. I want to check 3 things mainly, sex, age, and sexual orientation, and recently nationality. I know it sounds unfair to judge others by their sexual gender or age or sexual orientation or even nationality.

Can we elaborate a bit on these, please. For example if someone has a problem with their partners and they tell you that's the end of their lives and whatever then you check their age and they are teenagers, so in your comment you can tell them we'd all been there and life does go on and just move on, lots of whatever on the sea, till you wake up one day and you find no whatever on the sea, anyway that depends on your luck.

Why would I care about the sexual gender of the blogger, in certain kind of writings I need to know the sex of the blogger because I think generally speaking the 2 sexes have different prospectives of feelings especially, I got that conclusion from watching Sex and the City.Being gay, I think I can more understand or relate to a gay man prospective on gay issues than from lesbian prospective.I think the point of nationality is a point of culture here. Different cultures have different prospectives on different issues. You could know more about the others' cultures but still you do live in your culture.


Kizzie said...

very interesting and honest blog!
I will keep reading it:)

DZA said...

nigga go read a book or something
damn, and quit that r'n'b shit you listenin to, im sure craig david got more influnce on you than anyone else
and yeah, am homophopic you stupid fuck

Ali said...

hello Kizzie,

thank you for your support. I hope you keep reading the blog.

Ali said...

hello dza,
dont know where to start from.
well, I don't like to read books, left them all for YOU.I don't like R&B. And yeah, I'm GAY AND PROUD!

Suzanne said...

I'm not scared of lesbians because i know i would not be tempted by them. Is that what you are really scared of, dza?

Anonymous said...

dza, we need intelligent brothers like you in the struggle. Hating on others doesn't help.

Osias said...

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