Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I don't know!

Earlier today, I had a chat with a pal , he asked why do we look for relationships on the net.

I took it as he was asking me, so it's my right to defend myself, RIGHT?! I said well, you see some of us -some of us usually means me & I & myself- consider relations online fantasy, it's like having an image of a relationship without the commitment responsibilities.

The difference between a fantacy and dream is fantacy will never come true, so the question is why do we fantasize a relationship?

A lot of us have sex with complete strangers hoping the sex will lead to a relationship. And lots of us go into a relationship and fall in love after exotic sexual adventures even though they don't know their partners last name. A general look at the profiles on the date sites, you NOTICE the majority's list of what they are looking for in their partnes things like good looking, well endowed, knows what he wants, romantic and bla bla bla. And the main important thing is the feeling, how do you feel with him and how does he make you feel which are THINGS you can't get online.

So, do we really want a relationship or is it we are getting more comfortable of having multiple sexual relations?

(It seems that from what we have faced throughout the internet we came
to realize the multiple sexual encounters with strangers are far less
heart breaking than being with someone who might betray us later on)
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Anonymous said...

dear ali
first time here in your blog and im impressed with what i saw
i started with that post which striked a nerve here
i talked about internet fantasy in my blog and i was asking the same question your friend was asking
i know it is not easy to find a suitable partner specially that we r living in a society that is not accepting us and it is not that easy to know the person infront of u whether he is into the scene or no so the internet is our only way of getting to know people like us
although i do love getting to know people from all walks of life through the internet,not necessarily those only looking for love and relationship

do u think the dream can come true always?
u mentioned the difference between the dream & the fantasy but belive me sometimes dreams dont come true and i dont know why
maybe lack of motivation,circumstances around dont know actually

i totally agree with u ali,most of the profiles online saying the things u mentioned and few very very few stresses on feelings
i wonder how two chatting over the internet and havent met each other say the love word
how can a feeling like love grows over the internet and when u ask they say we have talked over the phone,the mic and on the cam i agree but still how comes a feeling develops like love over the internet without having to look into the person's eyes
i can admire someone's thoughts,ideas over the internet
i might like them in so many things but still the meeting very very important
something i do strongly belive in also is the chemistry
cause the person can be very cool online and there is lots of chemistry but once u meet them u feel like they r a piece of ice and u r not connected with them and the chemistry is no longer there dont know why but i think chemistry should be there in a relationship that sigh when u see the one u r admiring and liking

it seems dear that from what we have faced throughout the internet we came to realize the multiple sexual encounters with strangers r far less heart breaking than being with someone who might betray us later on
strong post i loved it
keep the good work:-)

Ali said...

Dear اجندا حمرا

Thanks for taking the time to check my blog.

Yeah, not all dreams come true for the reasons you mention or others.

You know sometimes I feel we admire more the perception of the person on our heads more the real person.

If you don't mind there are certain parts of your comments I would like to post them. I will put your name.

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