Thursday, September 11, 2008


A group of gay men gather together to talk about how it is to be black and gay in America and the challenges that they face being a minority within a minority.

From PlanetQTV


Free Spirit said...

dear Ali

see this ...
i'll add an LBGT-related films section soon

shysh said...

Interesting blog, Ali. You're brave. Pity I can't read most of the posting. But keep it hard, mate. Best Luck.

Maurice said...

thats cool man, life for me here in the south, hard, you cant find anyone here to share this with...any ideas? keep it up

Free Spirit said...

ساعدوا هذه المثلية وامنعوها من الإنتحار

وشاهدوا معنى أن تكون مثلي\ة في الشرق الأوسط

أخوكم سامي

Ali said...

Hello All,

My apologies to all for the late reply.

* Free Spirit
Good Luck, Samy, and wish you all the best man.
Thanks for the links & Dangerous Living
Documentary should be on the list of must to see
documentaries, thanks again...

* shysh
Thanks shysh and I really appreciate it. Sorry
that some posts are in arabic I'll try my best to
post in english as much as I can.

* Maurice
Thanks, Maurice...Well, I'm sure there are gays in
Juba, no city is gayless, man...Just look harder
besides as i hear lots of foreigners over there
so if it's harder for u to get in touch with locals
maybe you should try your luck with foreigners...
Wish you all the best, Maurice....

Thanks all

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Ali said...

hello apostle

thank you for the great information and links.

ChiChi said...

It is difficult sometimes to come out immediately and prounce yourself something that is hard for other people to accept. But I tell you, you are brave to be yourself. But always remember that the strugle of oneself to a cause can might take years, but oneday, the cause will be accomplished.

Ali said...

hello ChiChi,

that's very well said, Chichi. I'm one of those who believe no one should come out if they r not financially stable and of course mentally ready for challenges....



Smadraji said...

nice posting

Amna Mukhtar said...

Dear Ali .

glad to visit your blog.

not gay but a sporter .


Ali said...

Hello Smadraji,

my apologizes for the delay to respond....
thank you..


Ali said...

Hello Amna Mukhtar,

My apologizes for the delay to respond.
I'm glad of your visit & don't be a stranger....
Really appreciate your support....


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tinea corporis said...

htthis is a great site about black gay men talk, everything in here is wonderful. Great!!
just that wonderful congratulations for your blog!

Ali said...

hey tinea corporis

thanks for checking my blog and I'm glad you liked the post.