Sunday, January 27, 2008

Police Treatment of LGBT in Iraq

Ali Hili, the 33-year-old gay Iraqi exile who is the founder
and coordinator of Iraqi LGBT, which has members, supporters
and informants throughout Iraq, told Gay City News this week
by telephone from London "New reports tell us that the seven
gay men were arrested by the police in the cities of Karbala
Najaf, Basra, and Ammara, and no one has been able to obtain
any news of them since December 2."

This week Iraqi LGBT released a video of the muscular interrogation
of a transgendered gay man by Iraqi police. "His name is Ali, but he
was living his life as a woman, and was a member of our group," Hili
told Gay City News, "and was one of those who had been living in the
safe house we ran in Basra for those threatened with death."

"The video, apparently made by police for their amusement, is
disturbing in the fact that in addition to showing the police
standing around and laughing and making crude remarks in Arabic
about Ali's sexuality, it is also dubbed with hate and revenge
music in Arabic," Hili said.

Describing the video, Hili said, "Clearly this is a very feminine-looking
man dressed as an Iraqi woman, heavy set and all dressed in a black
traditional garment and veil. He is very sad looking and, you can
tell very fearful for what may be coming his way, as off to the side
there is a policeman with hair clippers preparing to shave the long
black feminine hair from Ali's head. Ali bends over as they shave him.
Clearly he has been held for a day or two as now he has a growth of
a beard in the shaving scene whereas he did not in the beginning
of the video. They proceed to shave his head completely and have
him stand up to face the cameras and this is where the video ends.
We have no word or idea of what has taken place since the video
was shot. We are hoping and praying that Ali is still alive."

The above are parts of the article done by Doug Ireland for Gaycitynews
to read the rest of the article click here

The video is from Iraqilgbtuk

Monday, January 21, 2008

Bad Day!

Woke up late around 14:40
damn 2 late for work
checked myself on the mirror
didn't like what I see
took my shower
back to my mirror
on the back of my head, hey Ali got no time
your ride gonna be here any sec
OH hair looks awful
can't believe it, it took me 15 minutes to fix my hair
it must be one of those days they talk about on women's/gays' magazines
man, gotta do something
yeah wear a cap, man...

my breakfast wasn't ready
as usual shouted at myself for waking up late
Oh Damn, I forgot to do my breathing exercises
oh man nor my martial exercises
sure the gals gonna list me out of the International Gay List

went to work my boss was there with his smirk face
actually its his typical face but today its more obvious
anyway, I'm really in mood for fighting i just need a blurry reason to ignite my fire
tried my best to start a fight with my boss but he was so busy with the French team
installing the new system
The old french guy kinda look sexy by the way,
hey my mind are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Common Ali, it's work, remember the international gay rules
"don't mix business with pleasure"
Okay it depends on your definition of pleasure
all I wanna do just french kissing besides he's french
the smell of tobacco from him
wow the smell of tobacco and french kissing
& it's sure way to Hamad's ER

did my routine check ups and got real bored of the
feeling I have.....
Called my best friend
Ali: hey I'm not calling to check on you or anything
I just wanna fight
Ash: Bes elah rahman el rahim....& u calling me?!
Ali: hey I'm so desperate here I really wanna fight
Ash: so, what's going on?
Ali: I don't know, he didn't say a thing. I text him & told him
we need to talk
Ash: &?
Ali: HE SAID "let's do it online"
Ash: look at the good side at least he replied
Ali: don't you dare try to rationalize this now okay, I need to feel angry on someone
& for your own good it's better be him than you..
Ali: so tell me how's work? oh did your whatever call you?
Ash: ah ah, work is okay, don't know how it is and it is very cold in doha these days
and Yoyo for sure is doing it with his wife to feel warm
Ali: at least it's her right to warm her up, that's a husband's duty to his wife
Ash: Ali shut the FUCK UP
Ali: hey I'm just stating a fact besides you are not here and he's all here alone with his beautiful sexy wife and it's freezing here and he's a man....
Ash: yeah....he text me today poetry wishing I was with him to warm him up
Ali: well, unfortunately you are not here to warm him up but his wife is
Ash: Ali if you don't shut up I'll hang up
Ali: hey relax.... would it be better if it was me and not his wife?!
Ash: wa dini....I will come there and kill you and him
Ali: why would you kill me what did I do wrong? Am not your boyfriend, Hello...He's your boyfriend....besides I'll be doing him a big favor you should be happy he's getting all the warms fun and joy he needs, you should be happy for him....
Ash: Ali shut up or I swear I will come and beat the hell out of you
Ali: at least I don't do married people, like someone we both Know!
Ali: hey thank's man, I really needed that and I really miss you man...
Ash: ciao
Ali: byeeeee

After we hanged up I felt much better...You know what, sometimes pissing someone's off is really much better than sex....